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THE SOUL OF ST. ANDREWS: The Life of Old Tom Morris

Author: William Tulloch
Pages: 238
Publication Date: 2010

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“If you only ever read one book in your lifetime about the legendary Old Tom Morris—THIS is the one to read!”

Written during Old Toms’ lifetime by a longtime friend of his—William Tulloch—it is the only biography of Tom Morris that was seen by him prior to his death.

It is not only the definititive work on his life, it beautifly captures both St. Andrews and what golf was like in its earliest and purist form.

Follow the life of Old Tom Morris—his beginnings as an apprentice golf clubmaker, his titanic matches with Willie Park and Davie Strath, and his four British Open championship wins. Witness the development of his son, Tom Morris, Jr. as he develops into a world-class player, winning four Open Championships in a row, then tragically dies at the age of 24. And meet the various colorful characters who made up golf before it became a multinational industry.

This is a must read for any golfer even remotely interested in the history of the game.

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