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The Law of Unintended Consequences

Author: G. Davies Jandrey
Pages: 274
Publication Date: 2022

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It’s Tucson, it’s summer, and it is stinking hot. Sturdy, stalwart Detective Marie Stransky has returned to work after the birth of her fifth baby, another girl, to find that “he’s back.” Called to Santa Rita Park, a gathering place for the homeless and addicted, Marie studies the strangled body of a young woman. The cigarette burn on her right wrist pegs her as a victim of a stalker that has already killed two homeless women. Then there is the young Mexican woman found shot in a wash. Homicide department head, Lieutenant Carl Lindgrin, a man Marie loves to hate, dismisses the murder as gang related, but the tattoo of a unicorn on the girl’s shoulder visible in the autopsy photo gives Marie pause. What self-respecting gangbanger has a tattoo of a unicorn? And the bodies pile up.
“Jandrey’s realistic portrayal of the disenfranchised is one of resolve and empowerment, rather than one of despair or hopelessness or misplaced sympathy. She is a master of hitting characterization dead-on. The Law of Unintended Consequences is a fast read and thought provoking on many levels.” —Debra (, a book review blog with a culinary twist.)

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