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The Ironside Heist

Author: David Lowe Cozad
Pages: 208
Publication Date: 2022

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Time is of the essence as billionaire book collector Pierce Spruce and FBI Special Agent Robert Graham attempt to prevent America’s oldest battleship still afloat from being hijacked by a rogue group of thieves.

The numbers are against them—as are the odds. The two newly acquainted partners must work together if they are going to have any prayer of saving one of New England’s most prized pieces of history.

Will they be able to maintain possession of the USS Constitution? Or has Old Ironsides set sail for the final time?

“David Lowe Cozad’s The Ironside Heist is an enjoyable adventure book. Similar to the National Treasure movies—it weaves in fun historical references while keeping you engaged with the plot and characters.” —Kennedy Dynasty Podcast

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