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The Hell Run

Author: Anthony Palmiotti
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It’s the dark days of World War II. The Norwegian resistance had been fighting a quiet battle against their Nazi occupiers by sending vital information back to the allies. But when they start taking a more aggressive role the occupiers decide they must be eliminated. The liberty ship John Ireland, after surviving the dangerous North Atlantic and Arctic trip to Murmansk, is chosen to become part of the effort to rescue Norwegian civilians and carry them to safety in England before the Nazi’s can carry out the order to wipe them out. Based on a real, but little-known mission during World War II.
Coming February 2021 "The Hell Run was a refreshing perspective on the naval war of WWII. Author Anthony Palmiotti has taken factual action from the conflict and added in a wonderfully woven tale of fiction based around ordinary people; merchant marine sailors and the brave partisans of northern Norway. . .If you love WWII stories, this book is something a little different, highly readable, and one that I know you will adore. For readers everywhere, this is a book I can highly recommend." –Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite "Author Anthony Palmiotti has captured a fascinating niche of history in this highly realistic and engrossing piece of World War Two fiction. . .The plot does take precedence over character in this novel, but in doing so the work becomes both educational and entertaining on a much wider scale. Overall, I would recommend The Hell Run for fans of detailed historical fiction with tons of atmosphere." –K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

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