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The Eastern Door (Smithyman Saga Book 1)

Author: David More
Pages: 334
Publication Date: 2013

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Immigrating from 18th century rural Ireland, Billy Smithyman builds a new life in the New York frontier, where Billy's honesty stands out in the corrupt fur trade, and where he earns the trust of formidable Mohawk war chief Emperor Marten. Smithyman becomes a Mohawk warrior, and captures the love of Marten's niece, the fierce Laura Silverbirch. But, Smithyman's success creates murderous enemies in the colonial establishment, and his organizational skill leads him into his greatest challenge. In the midst of the French and Indian War, he is appointed the amateur commander of an untrained, civilian militia and ordered to capture a powerful French fort and its garrison. Smithyman and his ragtag army must quickly learn to outmaneuver a veteran French general,  his well-trained army, and overcome colonial traitors if they are to  survive. The Eastern Door is the first novel in a stunning new American Colonial History series.

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