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THE CHRONICLES OF CANADA: Volume V - The Native Peoples of Canada

Pages: 210
Publication Date: 2010

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The Chronicles of Canada was a Canadian literary landmark.

First published in 1914, it was a series of thirty-two, short, concise, freshly-written historical narratives for the lay person. It was designed to set forth, with historical continuity, the principal events and movements in Canada—from the Norse Voyages to the Railway Builders—and it quickly became a classic.

Fireship Press is proud to bring this outstanding work—all 32 books combined into a nine volume set—back into print.

IN VOLUME V THE NATIVE PEOPLES IN CANADA - Part I The War Chief of the Ottawas: A Chronicle of the Pontiac War by Thomas Guthrie Marquis - Part II The War Chief of the Six Nations: A Chronicle of Joseph Brant by Louis Aubrey Wood - Part III Tecumseh: A Chronicle of The Last Great Leader of His People by Ethel T. Raymond.

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