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The Care and Feeding of the Undomesticated Golf Club

Author: Tom Grundner
Pages: 50
Publication Date: 2011

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There was a time when, to be a good golfer, you had to be part player and part clubmaker. The modern golf club, however, is a completely different animal. Made from the latest high-tech materials, the clubheads and shafts have a projected life span well into the next Ice Age. That does not mean, however, that you can just leave your clubs sit in the trunk or garage, do nothing to them, and expect them to perform to their full design capability. There are a number of things you can and should do to make your golf equipment as effective as it can be. Given what you paid for those little beauties-and what you have invested in the game-perhaps it might be worth a few minutes of your time and a few bucks in materials, ya think? This mini-book presents 10 simple projects, mostly using basic household items and materials, which will keep your clubs in tip-top shape, help you learn more about your game, and learn what golf club specifications are right for you. Written by a retired Master Golf Clubmaker, and co-author of the best-selling book, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club, none of these projects is difficult, none will cost you more than about $25 (if that); and each one is guaranteed either to save you money, save you strokes, or both. The ten projects are: 1. How to properly clean your clubs. 2. How to revitalize worn grips. 3. How to find the sweetspot on your driver and putter heads. 4. How to calculate the right length for your clubs. 5. How to estimate your swing speed. 6. How to determine the launch angle and angle of attack of your swing. 7. How to identify the most stable roll and flight characteristic of a golf ball. 8. How to find the correct swing weight for your clubs. 9. How to repaint the engravings on your clubhead. 10. How to straighten a bent steel shaft.

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