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Provincial Sanctuary

Author: Gerry Hernbrode
Pages: 276
Publication Date: 2021

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Kate Mahoney, the sleuthing principal of rough and tumble Saguaro Elementary, is back again.

One hectic morning, Kate answers her office phone. In a voice that is sickeningly familiar, a man tells her that he will kill one of her students if she does not do exactly as he tells her. She does not and in turn, two of her sixth-graders, prissy Gladys and her nemesis and would-be boyfriend, Louis, disappear.

Kate’s dreams catapult her back twenty years in time when she was Sister Katherine in the Congregation of the Celtic Cross. No gentle dreams, they are dominated by Mother Phillipa Manning, who issues directives from the grave, or wherever deceased Mother Provincials reside after death, to help in Kate’s search for the missing children.

“Provincial Sanctuary, Gerry Hernborde’s latest Kate Mahoney mystery is a fast-paced, edgy thriller, well-informed by Ms. Hernbrode’s years as a both a novice nun and principal in a school very much like Saguaro Elementary.” —Jeanne Williams, author of Cave Dreamers

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