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Prisoner of Wallabout Bay

Author: Jane Hulse
Pages: 0
Publication Date: 2023

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A young woman's daring quest to free the . . . Prisoner of Wallabout Bay. Sarah Barrett has only two choices … She can bow to her mother’s nagging and marry a handsome young lawyer, who is well-connected to the British military occupying New York. Or she can stick to her inky grind as a lowly apprentice at a newspaper where her foul-mouthed, ill-tempered boss keeps assigning her stories on ladies’ hair trends instead of the Revolutionary War intrigue she so wants to cover. Sarah’s relentless digging uncovers a story that nobody wants to even talk about, no less print. The British have set up decaying prison ships in the waters off New York. Risking everything, Sarah fights to expose rampant cruelty and wretched conditions, and in the process just happens to find love.
“Jane Hulse’s, 'Prisoner of Wallabout Bay,' rolls out a broad cast of lively characters, vivid descriptions of daily life in the roiling city, and impressive, meticulous research, plunges the reader into a series of perilous adventures, at the same time opening our eyes to a little-known war crime that still haunts our history.” —Ellen Pall, author of more than a dozen novels including, "Must Read Well" and "Among the Ginzburgs"

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