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Paint \'n Spurs: The Men Who Founded the Cowboy Artists of America

Author: Barbara Marriott
Pages: 203
Publication Date: 2017

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Discover the True Stories of the Men Behind the Art

George Phippen
The family man who fought his shyness and blazed the pathway for Southwest cowboy art with his original and authentic works.

Charlie Dye
A tough nut that grew up in the cowboy world, earned national recognition as an illustrator and gave it up to pay tribute to the cowboy way of western life with his brilliant action driven art.

Joe Beeler
Everyone’s friend; his cheerful personality and mischievousness covered an exceptional young talent that hit the national scene with canvas and bronze that showed the old west of cowboys and Indians in a new exiting way.

John Hampton
The charmer from Brooklyn New York turned out to be more cowboy that most western cowpokes. Using his incredible talent and charm he got the attention of lovers of the Old West and won plenty of new fans and friends.

Fred Harman
A man of many talents with a phenomenal memory. A patriot who served his country as a spy, but mostly known for his alter-ego the comic character Red Ryder and Little Beaver…you betchum.

“…In lively chapters, Marriott describes the personalities and careers of Joe Beeler, Charlie Dye, John Hampton, Fred Harman and George Phippen and tells the story of their legendary gathering—minus Red Ryder creator Harman who was ill—at Sedona’s Oak Creek Tavern in the summer of 1965 to form a professional organization, the CAA (Cowboy Artist of America) to promote their work.” —The Journal of Arizona History, Spring 2017, Volume 58, Number 1, page 110

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