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On Waves of Glory

Author: D E Stockman
Pages: 276
Publication Date: 2024

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Young naval cadet Guy must make a choice—please his love, Marie, or his father … On Waves of Glory places the reader beside Count Guy de Kersaint, one of France’s greatest ship commanders during the mid-1700s, as he pursues a courtship for Marie on shore and learns the mariner’s lore at sea. Clashing in sea battles, surviving Chickasaw raids, and rescuing Barbary Coast slaves portray just a few of the dramatic exploits in his adventurous life. Guy strives for elusive fame and an unrequited love…which will destiny grant? This is the third book of the award-winning Tween Sea and Shore Series. All are based on historical records of those “iron men” who sailed the fastest frigate of its day, la Renommée—the Renown.
“On Waves of Glory is a refreshing story told from the French perspective, it’s sure to please fans of the sea and action.” –Anthony Palmiotti, author of First Voyage, Death Beneath the Waves, The Hell Run, and Flight to Freedom.

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