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Now That You Asked: Nelson’s Navy

Author: John Masefield
Pages: 204
Publication Date: 2010

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The Perfect Nautical Q & A Reference Book
170 Specific Questions and Answers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time?
Now you can via the Now That You Asked… series of books from Fireship Press.

Now That You Asked... Nelson’s Navy starts with a tour of a 74-gun ship-of-the-line; and details what life was like for her officers and men.

How were the ships designed?
How were the guns made?
How was a gun loaded and fired?
What were the duties of a captain?
Did the young midshipmen have to go to school?
What was a quartermaster and what did he do?
How was order kept on a ship?
How was food prepared?

Over 170 specific questions are asked and answered.

This is a “must read” book for anyone interested in nautical fiction, or in understanding the ships and men of the Age of Sail.

Now That You Asked: Nelson’s Navy is a Fireship Press CONTEMPORIZED CLASSIC™ and is based on John Masefield’s 1905 book: Sea Life in Nelson’s Time.

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