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Not Until We Have All Your Wounded

Author: John Glen
Pages: 170
Publication Date: 2023

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Experiences of a medical evacuation helicopter pilot in Vietnam. "Get on the radio and call for a Dustoff!" This was the urgent call that signaled the need for a medical evacuation helicopter and aircrew in the thick of the Vietnam War. That's where a 20-year-old farm boy from Arizona found himself: a Dustoff pilot risking his life to rescue wounded fellow soldiers from the heart of the battlefield. After spending over eighteen months enduring basic training, flight school, and medic training, he eventually found himself posted to the 236th Medical Detachment, located in Da Nang, Vietnam, where he and his fellow aircrewmen embarked on countless daring missions. This is the story of his year-long combat tour, filled with heartbreak, heroism, and unforgettable experiences. Based on true events.
“Dr. Glen skillfully weaves humor and practicality in captivating tales of service, revealing historical and political insights of the time. A thrilling tribute to the brave souls who served in unarmed, medical evacuation vehicles … humanity and courage at its finest.” —M.G. Harney, award-winning novelist

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