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Author: Cynthia Neale
Pages: 331
Publication Date: 2014

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Follow the journey of Norah McCabe, a courageous young woman fleeing her Irish home devastated by famine and arriving in the rough and tumble world of New York City of the 1850s.  For the new immigrant every aspect of life is a challenge, negotiating a rapacious underworld, racism, poverty, and the struggle to find meaningful work.  But there are riches and opportunities here as well, and Norah is determined to thrive in her new country through grit, her skills as a dress maker, and her unshakable dream of a better life. Meticulously researched, filled with voices of New York City’s multitudes, and tinged with romance, Cynthia Neale’s Norah offers a compelling heroine in the classic tradition of American immigrant stories.

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