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MORGAN’S WAR: Volume 2 - Recollections of a Rebel Reefer (Morgan's War)

Author: James Morgan
Pages: 390
Publication Date: 2010

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The Civil War as seen through the diaries of a brother and sister—one who had to fight it, and one who had to stay home and live it.

Volume 1 - Sarah Fowler Morgan: A Confederate Girl’s Diary
Volume 2 - James Morris Morgan: Recollections of a Rebel Reefer

James Morgan was a 15 year old midshipman on the USS Constitution at the start of the Civil War, and a friend of many future heros on both sides. The war, however, forced a choice, and he chose to join the new Confederate Navy. From then until the conclusion of the war, he experienced the full gamut of the Civil War at sea.

As with others who served in that great conflict, however, his story did not end at Appomattox.

After the war, as a farmer in South Carolina, he experienced firsthand the “horrible orgy of crime called the ‘carpetbag government.’” He later served as a captain in the Egyptian Army, a civil engineer in Mexico, and a consul-general to Australia. He shared courtesies with such men as Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Grover Cleveland, and Ulysses S. Grant.

During a long and rich life, whether enduring privation, injury, loss, or disappointment—or enjoying the pleasures of friendship, and adventure—James Morgan was in every respect a true gentleman of the Old South.

This is his story; and it provides a remarkable insight into both the Civil War and it’s aftermath. Read it, and the story of his equally remarkable sister, in:

MORGAN’S WAR - “One of the most riveting Civil War reads you will ever have—made all the more compelling by the fact that every bit of it actually happened.”

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