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March to Destruction (Emperor\'s American Book 2)

Author: Art McGrath
Pages: 306
Publication Date: 2014

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Highly entertaining, well researched and original in thought. It has the makings of a
classic to be placed alongside Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventures of
Gerard," and David Johnson's "The Proud Canaries."

Mark Schneider, Historian at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation who
has portrayed Napoleon Bonaparte internationally and on the History Channel.

Pierre Burns may have been born in Maryland and served on ships, but in 1805 he is part of the most famous ground force in history: Napoleon’s Grande Armée. Under the inspiring leadership of Marshal Ney and General Savary, Burns serves first as a spy and messenger, then as a soldier in a campaign that pits the innovative Grande Armée, led by a military genius, against an Austrian army that enjoys every advantage of terrain as well as overwhelming numbers. Pierre has more to worry about than the heavy odds he and his compatriots face. As a man with a price on his head he has to watch every shadow for the next assassin, for he has powerful enemies whose influence extends to royal courts as well as dark alleys. But it is the crucible of battle that will ultimately test Pierre in ways he never foresaw, and that will change him forever.

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