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Kings Mountain

Author: Seamus Beirne
Pages: 324
Publication Date: 2023

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A New World Aflame with the Bonfires of a Budding Revolution In the year 1775, Michael Redferne and Isaac Malot break out of a penal colony in Barbados and go their separate ways. Redferne home to Ireland, Malot, a black man, to the Caribbean to captain a pirate sloop. Years later, a shipwreck and the search for a lost child land them, unknown to each other, in South Carolina, a colony in the grip of the American Revolution. From his sharpshooter’s perch at the battle of Kings Mountain, Malot, a loyalist, adjusts the small telescope jury-rigged to his Ferguson rifle. Among the patriot enemy advancing into the killing zone, is none other than Michael Redferne. Malot faces a gut-wrenching decision, shoot his old comrade or risk forfeiting his newly won freedom.
“The name Seamus Beirne has haunted me for the past seven years, ever since I read his first and superb historical novel Breakout from Sugar Island. I was thrilled to discover that Kings Mountain was a sequel to that brilliant story and that I would now be reunited with its main characters. This author is too good to miss any one of his books!” —Viga Boland, Readers’ Favorite

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