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In Search of Brigid Coltrane

Author: Seamus Beirne
Pages: 316
Publication Date: 2018

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Political and Religious Intrigue in 1940s Ireland

A lazy Sunday afternoon of fishing on an Irish lake suddenly turns into a nightmare of flight and terror when Peter Coltrane and his fourteen-year-old daughter Brigid stumble on a gruesome execution. The chase is on when the assassins find out that they have been discovered. In his small motorboat, Peter leads them in the falling darkness through the hazardous channels of the boggy terrain where they finally find refuge and think they are safe. However, the next morning, Brigid has vanished.

Peter must race against the clock to save Brigid. But will good trump evil, and at what cost?

“In Search of Brigid Coltrane is a thrilling adventure story, a work of fast paced fiction skilfully woven into real events. It’s really worth a read.” —Darryl Greer, Readers’ Favorite

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