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How Private George W. Peck Single-handedly Won The Civil War

Author: George W Peck
Pages: 242
Publication Date: 2010

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A humorous book about the Civil War?

Most people would contend that there was very little about the Civil War that was funny. George W. Peck would disagree; and he should know—he was IN the Civil War.

Who but Peck would enlist in the Union cavalry, even though he had never ridden a horse in his life? Who but Peck would chase a Confederate for hours at night, before realizing he was going around and around an abandoned race track? Who but Peck would build a magnificent bridge for his regiment, then find out it was over the wrong stream?

And who but Peck—George W. Peck—would return from the war, write the Peck's Bad Boy series of books, become the mayor of Milwaukee, and later the governor of the State of Wisconsin? Yup, same guy.

You have never seen the Civil War portrayed like this, by one of the truly unique characters of that era.

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