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Hawkwood\'s Sword

Author: Frank Payton
Pages: 348
Publication Date: 2013

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Hawkwood’s Sword vividly portrays the life of a mercenary on the battle fields in 14th century Italy and France. A tough and resilient hero Captain John Hawkwood commands like-minded fighting men gathered from England and all over Europe Alongside the German and European mercenaries lead by Albrecht Sterz, they make war for whomever pays them the most. Hawkwood is one of the best at his trade: courageous, a practiced fighter, but also chivalrous. The various lords of Lombardy and the Papal states pay him to sack cities and ambush their enemies, but who of these counts and nobles can themselves be trusted? Hawkwood must rely on his sword and finely tuned instincts to protect his life and that of his men from treachery and betrayal on all sides.
Despite his hard and ruthless life profession, Hawkwood is not immune to romance and finds that here too he must compete before he can win the lady of his dreams.
A romantic tale of the actual campaign waged by the White Company in the 14th century Italy.
Frank Payton writes with a sharp eye for historical detail that combined with well-executed battle scenes, brings to life the mercenaries of Europe’s 14th century.

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