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Flight to Freedom

Author: Anthony Palmiotti
Pages: 254
Publication Date: 2022

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Being a prisoner of war wasn’t an option. . . As Japanese forces corral almost eleven thousand prisoners after the fall of Corregidor Island in the Philippines, the remaining crew of the USS Tanager band together to escape to freedom. Pursued by a relentless Japanese officer, the escapees commandeer an old schooner. Through uncharted islands and stormy seas, they must outsail and outsmart Japanese forces sent to capture or kill them. Inspired by a true story of early World War II heroism, Flight to Freedom is the story of a diverse group of people who just won’t give up.
If you enjoy stories about war, World War II, naval battles, and missions that seem impossible, you won't want to miss this treasure by Anthony Palmiotti. –Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

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