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Deep Breathing

Author: G. Davies Jandrey
Pages: 294
Publication Date: 2019

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Abby Bannister, the CEO and founder Gimps Serving Gimps, is being interviewed for a spot on the local news. A major gimp herself, she is a champion for the rights and independence of all people faced with physical, mental and emotional challenges. Once aired, the interview draws the attention of three people. The first is her best friend, a gay gimp looking for love in all the wrong places. The second is Abby’s long-lost cousin, Fey. Homeless, she has an ax to grind and sees Abby as the perfect grindstone. The third is a self-declared angel of mercy who believes Abby is in need of his special services. As Abby whizzes around Tucson, Arizona in her supped-up electric wheelchair, she is oblivious to the grave danger she is in.

G. Davies Jandrey’s evocative prose, great dialog and stinging humor, balances darkness with wisdom, hope and humanity. The wheelchair-bound, homeless, the reject and the refugee… all are given authentic voices and draw the reader in to that haunting human border between loving and being loved.


“ ‘The difference between a flower and a weed is perception,’ as Abby learns from the tag on her bag of Karma tea. The realities of handicap, loneliness, homelessness and betrayal are beautifully balanced between well-researched detail and perceptive points of view, all hauntingly told in a story as agile and gripping as a pole dancer caught between delight in her body and the need for cash. By turns scary, sad, glorious, wise and forgiving, Deep Breathing offers wisdom to endure, mercy to change our point of view, and hope to believe in karma, God, or fate’s generosity. I’ll never look at a handicapped or homeless woman the same way after reading Deep Breathing. This novel is both bleak and totally beautiful, from beginning to its wondrously satisfying end.” Sheila Deeth, author of ‘Divide by Zero, Infinite Sums,’ and her latest mathemafiction, ‘Subtraction.’

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