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CUT AND RUN: The Fourth Book in the Fighting Sail Series

Author: Alaric Bond
Pages: 342
Publication Date: 2011

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The Fourth Book in Alaric Bond’s Fighting Sail Series

Disillusioned by the lack of opportunity in the Royal Navy, Lieutenant King opts for a spell with the Honourable East India Company. But, a trip in an Indiaman is anything but the easy option when his captain is revealed to be an old enemy.

With the added perils of privateers, storms, and the might of the French Navy, he finds there is just as much excitement in the merchant service, and wonders why he ever chose to cut and run.

“Alaric Bond has stepped into the first rank of writers of historic naval fiction.”

“Alaric Bond has laid the groundwork for a great series of Age of Fighting Sail novels and I can only hope that the next one comes soon.”

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