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Cold, Colder, Coldest

Author: G. Davies Jandrey
Pages: 246
Publication Date: 2024

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Someone is seeking vengeance. . . In this sequel to The law of Unintended Consequences, Detective Marie Stansky is now the acting head of TPD’s homicide department and her old partner, Torrance Stedman, has been reinstated as the designated detective in charge of cold cases. There are three. The first is a body found under a cement slab in the backyard of a posh Armory Park home. The remains prove to be decades old. The ten-year anniversary of the death of a crazy old Yaqui woman calls attention to the second. The third, and most troubling for Stransky and Stedman, is the body of a 14-year-old black girl found by hikers just off a mountain road. She disappeared from her bedroom two years prior, but the autopsy determined that she died many months later, raising two disturbing questions: Where had she been in the months between her disappearance and her death? Had she been a little white girl, would there have been a greater effort to find her when she first disappeared?
“Detective Mary Stansky is back in G. Davies Jandrey's latest, Cold, Colder, Coldest. Along with familiar characters like fellow detective Torrance Stedman and the ever-driven Abby Bannister, Jandrey introduces the reader to a plethora of new ones. As always, her characters are a combination of eccentricities, resolve and relatability. There are murders to investigate and mysteries to solve. Jandrey's novels contain human characters that you can't help but connect with and root for. Even if you're not a mystery buff, this novel is well worth your time.” —Debra Eliot of, a book review blog with a culinary twist.

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