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AT LAST! A Novel of life, Love, Temptation and the Cubs

Author: Terry Mort
Pages: 218
Publication Date: 2011

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The best baseball novel of the season - ANY season.

No fans are more perpetually disappointed than those of the Chicago Cubs—a team that has not won a World Series since 1908.  And chief among the forlorn is Jack Frost.
From his assigned seat in the cafeteria at the Bide Awhile Rest Home, Jack reads the sports pages every day and checks out the standings.  In the middle of June, the Cubs are already thirteen and a half games out.  Last place again—or rather, still.
Into this sea of depression drops one Clarence Beazely, a new resident at the home and a baseball fan.  But Beazely is not your everyday fan, nor is he your everyday rest home resident.  He has extraordinary powers, and in a very friendly way he offers Jack a tantalizing deal.  Of course it comes at a cost, but if the price seems a little steep, does it really matter as long as the Cubs might have a chance to be… WORLD CHAMPIONS?
"Mort makes a fascinating read out of every subject he takes up."
The Associated Press.

"If one test of [Mort's] skill is to keep the reader turning pages after he guesses the ending, the acid test is to get a reader hooked even though he knows what happens before he opens the book.
The Washington Times

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