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Alice in Blunderland: A Parable for Our Times

Author: John Bangs
Pages: 92
Publication Date: 2010

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“An Underground Best-Seller”
“Animal Farm for 21st Century Politics”

What would happen if Alice, of Wonderland fame, were dropped into a political system where the government runs every aspect of life? You would have Alice in Blunderland, a 1907 classic, brought back to life—with even more meaning for our modern times.
Join Alice as she explores a city where:
The town has an official beggar—who is on government salary.
Boys are required to dance with homely girls—or get arrested.
They have the safest, most fuel-efficient, mass transit system in the world—because it doesn’t go anywhere.
Teeth are public property.
The Commissioner of Public Verse has 16,743 poets working for him—and words that don’t rhyme are made to rhyme by civic decree.
And, the official government monetary policy is expressed as follows:
We promise to pay
This bond some day
If of the stuff
We’ve got enough.
And if we haven’t, pray don’t despond,
For we’ll pay it off with another bond.

“This would be one of the funniest political satires I’ve ever read—if it weren’t so close to current reality.”

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