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Author: Jim Stempel
Pages: 352
Publication Date: 2015

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“The destruction of the rebel ram Albemarle by Lieut. Cushing proves to be one of the most daring and romantic naval feats of history”

A truly remarkable account of a heroic action during the Civil War. A fascinating read.

In the early winter months of 1864 Confederate General Robert E Lee devised a plan to retake critical areas of eastern North Carolina then occupied by the Federal Army. If successful a new supply line would be established to Richmond, and the Southern war effort greatly bolstered as a result. Central to his plan was the use of the new rebel ironclad Albemarle then nearing completion on the Roanoke River. The CCS Albemarle was considered to be a formidable weapon by all concerned and its destruction soon became a high priority of the Lincoln administration.
So successful would the Albemarle prove to be against the blockading squadron, however , that in utter desperation the Federal high command ultimately turned to a twenty one year old lieutenant who had demonstrated daring and success on the rivers of Virginia and North Carolina. The mission to destroy the Albemarle, nevertheless, was a high stakes gamble of the most desperate and heroic variety. Its remarkable success became a bitter disaster for the Confederacy, a much needed boost for Abraham Lincoln and catapulted Lt William Barker Cushing in legend.

"Highly entertaining, well researched and original in thought. It has the makings of a

“Albemarle is one of those rare gems, a work of historical fiction that keeps the reader turning the pages of this powerful, true story. The book comes as close to living history as anything I have encountered in print, and I highly recommend it for anyone in search of a deeper grasp of the torturous evolution our society has undergone. It’s an exciting and rollicking good tale.”
–Mark Robert Waldman, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, Author of Words Can Change Your Brain

"...Cooke’s role makes an interesting story, but what follows is high adventure. A daring nighttime mission, in which 15 brave sailors under young Lt. Cushing sent the Albemarle to the bottom, marked a turning-point in the coastal war.

Written in conversational style, but well-documented, Albemarle is for all readers (and would make a great movie!)." –Historical Novel Society

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