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Deep Breathing

<p>Abby Bannister, the CEO and founder Gimps Serving Gimps, is being interviewed for a spot on the local news. A major gimp herself, she is a champion for the rights and independence of all people faced with physical, mental and emotional challenges. Once aired, the interview draws the attention of three people. The first is her best friend, a gay gimp looking for love in all the wrong places. The second is Abby’s long-lost cousin, Fey. Homeless, she has an ax to grind and sees Abby as the perfect grindstone. The third is a self-declared angel of mercy who believes Abby is in need of his special services. As Abby whizzes around Tucson, Arizona in her supped-up electric wheelchair, she is oblivious to the grave danger she is in.</p> <p>G. Davies Jandrey’s evocative prose, great dialog and stinging humor, balances darkness with wisdom, hope and humanity. The wheelchair-bound, homeless, the reject and the refugee… all are given authentic voices and draw the reader in to that haunting human border between loving and being loved.</p> <p>“ ‘The difference between a flower and a weed is perception,’ as Abby learns from the tag on her bag of Karma tea. The realities of handicap, loneliness, homelessness and betrayal are beautifully balanced between well-researched detail and perceptive points of view, all hauntingly told in a story as agile and gripping as a pole dancer caught between delight in her body and the need for cash. By turns scary, sad, glorious, wise and forgiving, Deep Breathing offers wisdom to endure, mercy to change our point of view, and hope to believe in karma, God, or fate’s generosity. I’ll never look at a handicapped or homeless woman the same way after reading Deep Breathing. This novel is both bleak and totally beautiful, from beginning to its wondrously satisfying end.” Sheila Deeth, author of ‘Divide by Zero, Infinite Sums,’ and her latest mathemafiction, ‘Subtraction.’</p>
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Death Beneath the Waves

It’s early 1942 and America is unprepared for the war it has declared on Japan and Germany. The enemy, however, is not. Soon after President Roosevelt’s declaration of war the German Navy dispatches U-boats to the U.S. east coast, Operation Drumbeat was known by the U-boat crews as the ‘second happy time.’ The hunting was good. Despite the odds, America’s war machine and merchant mariners continue to deliver the goods. Through U-boat infested waters, the crew of the tramp steamer Arrow sail on, now with a detachment of Naval Armed Guards onboard, they have to learn how to survive in a hostile world. Picking up survivors, they feel lucky until one day they are the target of the torpedoes and find themselves engaged in a fight for their lives!
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In Kon-Tiki’s Wake

It was the original Survivor series, only without the omnipresent cameras, paramedics, and faux tribal rituals. Between the spring of 1947 and the summer of the year 2006, more than forty expeditions sought to drift across the oceans of the world on rafts. These audacious voyages began with the legendary Kon-Tiki expedition, under the leadership of the renowned Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl. The Kon-Tiki raft drifted more than four thousand miles from Peru to Polynesia, and remained afloat months after experts predicted it would sink to the bottom of the Pacific. Heyerdahl’s radical thesis of a prehistoric world where ancient mariners drifted between continents on ocean currents electrified the postwar world. His Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft sold twenty million copies in sixty-five languages.

In the wake of Kon-Tiki documents all of the transoceanic raft expeditions that were organized and carried out in the half century after Kon-Tiki. Spanning more than fifty years and recounting more than forty expeditions, In the wake of Kon-Tiki is a riveting chronicle of human daring, endurance, and folly.
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Nautilus: A Modern Sequel to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

A modern sequel to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

In the Arctic summer of 2021, two explorers are on a wide-ranging archaeological survey on board the small research vessel Polar Quest. The objective is to locate any surviving evidence of the disastrous 1928 Italia dirigible expedition to the North Pole. But rather than a lost airship, the expedition stumbles upon the wreck of a submarine, one that resembles the same Nautilus described by Jules Verne in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Was Verne’s famous novel an imaginative science fiction story or, instead, a fictionalized account of an undersea voyage that actually took place in 1867? As the two explorers descend to the sub and enter a study holding 12,000 volumes on Brazilian rosewood shelves, the questions multiply: was Captain Nemo a scientist, the entire Earth his laboratory, and evolution itself his experiment?
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Straight Uphill: A Tale of Love and Chocolate

<p>After tragedy strikes, brokenhearted Gretchen takes a holiday in a hilltop Italian village to seek peace and solitude. Through chance, she meets Bettina, an elderly woman estranged from her legacy as a chocolatier. Gretchen soon finds herself wrapped in the aromas of chocolate and caramel and butter and wine, as villagers past and present, question all aspects of love that send her on a journey of self-discovery and healing.</p><p> But will Gretchen truly be able to leave the past behind and open her heart again to life and love, or will she be conent to drown her sorrows in chocolate?</p> <p>“This book is a gem. It is delightful proof that a literary novel can be a deeply satisfying page-turner!” —Mark Wiederanders, author of Stevenson's Treasure.</p> “Straight Uphill makes for a delightful read.” — Catherine Lundoff, author of Silver Moon “Complex characters, vividly rawn. Surprising twists and turns. A touching journey into the nature of grief and the astonishing capacity to heal the human heart.” —Karen X. Tulchinsky, author of the Five Books of Moses Lapinsky
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Shipwreck Island

In the year 1866 a ship named the General Grant lost course on its epic voyage to London and crashed upon a subantarctic island off the coast of New Zealand. Legend has it that its cargo contained one of the richest in history—gold all mined from the Victorian goldfields in Australia. After years of mishap and misfortune—even death—no one has been able to locate its exact whereabouts. In comes Roy Berenger, one of the world’s foremost experts on salvaging shipwrecks. Recruited to solve the mystery once and for all, he must use all his trademark talents and wits to uncover the historic shipwreck. The strange circumstances around its harrowing disappearance are mysterious and all-too frightening. Putting together a local crew with the latest technological resources at his disposal, Berenger ventures to this far-off island to pull off an audacious search attempt. But in order to find it—he must brave the real-life perils of hypothermia, great white sharks, high-sea squalls, and human treachery. “…a grand adventure with outstanding characters...filled with action and more action…” —Readers’ Favorite (5 STARS)
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Ghosts of World War II: NAS Banana River


It was nothing more than a thin strip of land bordered by an ocean and a landlocked salt river. Its inhabitants were hoards of sand flies and mosquitoes. In time, it probably would have been taken over by developers, and become another resort area. But catastrophic events, beyond its shores, dictated a different role.

The sand was shaped into a naval base and the sand flies and mosquitoes shared space with the young men who came to prepare for war. Yet, in a time that threatened their lifestyle, their country, and the world, these strangers became a cohesive unit that worked together, played together, and in some cases died together.

The sea and sky were the canvas of aviation war machines that became the hunters and killers of the deadly efficient submarines lurking just off its shore—the German Wolf Pak.

The battle of underwater boats and flying boats gave the Banana River Naval Air Station its cause. A cause fueled by the determination of world leaders and the madness of power and greed. Here, technologies clashed in the depth of the ocean and the vastness of the sky.

Then, as suddenly as the Banana River Naval Air Station appeared, it was gone…vanished, leaving only the folklore, the official reports, and a river with stories to tell.

“I could hardly put the book down. It is the history of the base from its inception to the new Patrick Air Force Base.” —Don M. Miller
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The Ifs of History: How the World Might Have Changed If Things Had Gone Slightly Differently

Columbus and Lincoln, Waterloo and Bull Run-how history would have changed if just a few things had happened differently You can look at the major events of history in one of three ways. First, you can see them as a series of mechanical causes and effects, tumbling one after the other in dizzying chains leading back forever in time. Second, you can see them as the product of pure chance, in which random uncontrolled events shape the destinies of men and nations. Or, third, you can see a Divine hand at work, intervening in human affairs with an occasional tiny nudge of events in one direction or another. Any way you look at it, it is fascinating to think about what would have happened IF one of those chains had been broken, or random chance had fallen differently, or that Divine tap had not occurred. In a series of short, easily read articles, Joseph Chamberlin takes us on a tour of some of the major people and events in history, and the minute factors that caused events to turn out as they did. What would have happened, for example, if Columbus had not changed course at the last minute and had discovered South Carolina, instead of the Caribbean islands? What would have happened if the Spanish Armada had sailed when they were supposed to, or if George Washington had joined the Royal Navy instead of the Army when he was a young man, or if Lincoln's father had moved to Mississippi instead of Illinois? If you love history, this is a book that you simply can not put down.
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The Best Books You Never Read: Vol VIII – Fiction – Scott to Zola

A NEW Series from Fireship Press. The Best Books You Never Read Trying to decide which books to read next? This series is your answer. Hundreds of classic and quality books presented in summary form. Read a bit about each author, a summary of the book's plot or content, and then decide. Each summary reads like a short story. The series will include: Fiction, Lives and Letters, Ancient and Medieval History, Modern History, Religion and Philosophy, Philosophy and Economics, Science, Travel and Adventure, and more. VOLUME 8 - FICTION - Scott to Zola SCOTT, SIR WALTER (Continued) - Quentin Durward - Rob Roy - Talisman SHELLEY, MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT - Frankenstein SIDNEY, SIR PHILIP - Arcadia SMOLLET, TOBIAS - Roderick Random - Peregrine Pickle STAEL, MME. DE - Corinne STENDHAL (HENRI BEYLE) - Chartreuse of Parma STERNE, LAURENCE - Tristram Shandy STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Uncle Tom's Cabin SUE, EUGENE - Mysteries of Paris SWIFT, JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - Newcomes - Virginians - Vanity Fair TOLSTOY, COUNT LYOF N. - Anna Karenina TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Warden - Barchester Towers TURGENEV, IVAN - Fathers and Sons - A Nest of Nobles - Smoke VERNE, JULES - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea WALPOLE, HORACE - Castle of Otranto ZOLA, EMILE - Drink
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The Best Books You Never Read: Vol VII – Fiction – Peacock to Scott

A NEW Series from Fireship Press. The Best Books You Never Read Trying to decide which books to read next? This series is your answer. Hundreds of classic and quality books presented in summary form. Read a bit about each author, a summary of the book's plot or content, and then decide. Each summary reads like a short story. The series will include: Fiction, Lives and Letters, Ancient and Medieval History, Modern History, Religion and Philosophy, Philosophy and Economics, Science, Travel and Adventure, and more. VOLUME 7 - FICTION - Peacock to Scott PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE - Headlong Hall - Nightmare Abbey PORTER, JANE - Scottish Chiefs PUSHKIN - The Captain's Daughter RABELAIS - Gargantua and Pantagruel READE, CHARLES - Hard Cash - Never Too Late to Mend - The Cloister and the Hearth RICHARDSON, SAMUEL - Pamela - Clarissa Harlowe - Sir Charles Grandison RICHTER, JEAN PAUL - Hesperus - Titan ROSEGGER, PETER - Papers of the Forest Schoolmaster ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES - New Heloise SAINT PIERRE, BERNARDIN DE - Paul and Virginia SAND, GEORGE - Consuelo - Mauprat SCOTT, MICHAEL - Tom Cringle's Log SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Antiquary - Guy Mannering - Heart of Midlothian - Ivanhoe - Kenilworth - Old Mortality - Peveril of the Peak
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