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Robert Shoop

Robert Shoop is a doctoral-level psychologist and adventurer, who has traveled extensively. As an avid SCUBA enthusiast he has made over 1000 dives all over the world. His hobbies include exploration and underwater photography. Robert often hikes, bikes, and swims to compensate for his love of gourmet cooking and wine tasting. While his novels are action packed, his general approach to life is never to race—unless absolutely necessary. He feels strongly that the best experiences come more from the journey than the destination.

As a consultant and personnel manager, Dr. Shoop developed insights into human behavior that are reflected in his novels. He takes those insights and writes about locations that he has personally visited, such as the Katy Trail. While the characters may be fictitious, in his novel Peril on the Katy Trail, the activities on the Katy Trail and other places are based on experience, and the locales are real.


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