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Nick Korolev

Author/artist Nick Korolev was born and raised in New Jersey in a boating family and has sailed on a tall ship. His first short story was published at the age of 14 in a national magazine “Popular Dogs”. He has since written stage and screenplays, some of which have won awards: The Great Mudbug War, That’s the Spirit: A Haunting Comedy, Riders of the North Wind, and The Swamp Dragon. His traditionally published novels include historical fictions: Silver Eagles (2003), a Civil War novel about Col. Adelbert Ames, Lieut. Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain and the 20th Maine, now out of print; and Dark Waters, (2012, Salvo Press) a maritime historical novel about the Lusitania disaster of WWI; and the Civil War fantasy, The Swamp Dragon (2011, Whiskey Creek Press).

He belongs to the leading Civil War living history group Federal Generals Corps, for which he portrays Commodore Sylvanus W. Godon of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron or Commodore John A. Winslow of the USS Kearsarge depending on the program. It was during research on Godon’s career that the idea for Storm Warning emerged, sparked by his capture of the slaver Erie during his service with the little known African Squadron, the United States Navy’s mostly failed effort to interdict the slave trade just before the Civil War.

Presently he lives in Fisher, WV and his “day jobs” include substitute teaching for two counties and in the summer, the naturalist for Lost River State Park.


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