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Mark Bois

Born in Chicago and raised in Kansas City, Mark Bois is of Belgian and Irish ancestry. It is perhaps natural, then, that he would develop a fascination with the First Battalion of the 27th Foot, an Irish regiment, at the Battle of Waterloo.  He would eventually return to school to earn a Master’s degree in history, writing his thesis on the Inniskilling Regiment in 1815.

Amongst the dusty rosters and letters in the British National Archives, and then in the artifacts and records of the Inniskilling Regimental Museum, he found what he needed to write his thesis, but he also discovered the fascinating personal stories that provided the basis for Lieutenant and Mrs. Lockwood. Many actual experiences of the men and officers of the 27th Foot were pulled from those sources to be used in the novel.

Like Lt. Lockwood, Mark is the father of five and has been happily married to their exceptional mother for more than thirty years. When not working, writing, or reading, he trains for indoor rowing regattas, where he enjoys only moderate success. He also builds furniture and remodels his house, though he is increasingly devoted to weekend naps.

“… Bois’ meticulous research and command of historical detail makes this novel a must read. He sets the standard for research and understanding… and the audience will demand more novels from this new author. Historical fiction welcomes Mark Bois with open arms.” – Lt. Col. Brad Luebbert, US Army


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