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Linda Collison

Born in Maryland, Linda Collison grew up on a small family farm and later, moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where she earned an associate degree in nursing from Laramie County Community College in 1982. She attended Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado, while working as a registered nurse for 12 years, specializing in Emergency Nursing.

Collison’s composite career has allowed her to follow her various interests. Besides a registered nurse and a mother of three, she has also been a professional skydiving instructor, a volunteer firefighter, and a first aid/CPR instructor. She enjoys many outdoor sports and activities, especially sailing. Her interest in the past has led her to continue her studies in history at Metropolitan State College.

Collison’s love for creative writing inspired her to become a freelance writer while raising children and working for a living. She has published guidebooks, essays, short stories, articles, and poetry in an assortment of publications and has received awards from Johnson & Johnson and the National Student Nurses Association, Honolulu Magazine, and Southwest Writers Workshop. In 1996 she was awarded the grand prize from the Maui Writers Conference. Collison is the author of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure series including Barbados BoundSurgeon’s Mate.

Collison loves to travel. She lives with her husband Bob Russell in Hawaii and Colorado, where their children and grandchildren live. And sometimes they get away from it all, aboard their sailboat, Topaz.

Collison’s website: • Twitter: @lindacollison • Instagram: @lscollison • Facebook: Patricia MacPherson Novels


Rhode Island Rendezvous:

Book 3 of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure series coming soon.

The Seven Years War is over but unrest in the American colonies is just heating up.

Maintaining her disguise as a young man, Patricia is finding success as Patrick MacPherson. Formerly a surgeon’s mate in His Majesty’s Navy, Patrick has lately been employed aboard the colonial merchant schooner Andromeda, smuggling foreign molasses into Rhode Island. Late October, amidst riots against the newly imposed Stamp Act, she leaves Newport bound for the West Indies on her first run as Andromeda’s master. In Havana, a chance meeting with a former enemy presents unexpected opportunities, while an encounter with a British frigate and an old lover threatens her liberty — and her life.

Praise for the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure series

“An insightful look at life at sea during the colonial era, this novel offers a combination of adventure, discovery, and intrigue.” —The BookLife Prize

“Collison’s own extensive medical background, combined with her expertise as a blue-water wind-and-weather sailor, gives incredible natural authority to her writing.” —Steven E. Maffeo; A Perfect Wreck

“An excellent job has been done with MacPherson… There is a well-rounded duality of gender that allows both male and female perspectives: a clever trick, and one that comes across perfectly.” —Alaric Bond; The Fighting Sail Series

Barbados Bound is a rousing and engaging tale of the almost impossible challenges facing a young woman cast adrift in 18th Century British Empire.” —Rick Spilman, The Old Salt Blog

“A riveting page-turner, Rhode Island Rendezvous delights and informs, offering a fresh take on the seafaring novel.” —Joseph S. Pete, Foreword Reviews




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