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Leslie Fish

Leslie Fish learned to sing and to read at a very young age; started playing guitar at 16 and shortly thereafter, began writing the first of hundreds of songs, including settings of Rudyard Kipling’s poetry to music. After graduating from college, Fish worked as psych counselor for vets, among many other jobs which included railroad yard clerk, go-go dancer, computer keypuncher and social worker.

In 1973 Fish discovered Star Trek–and she was hooked–totally and thoroughly. She began contributing illustrations, stories and songs to the fanzines. An avid composer of Science Fiction and Fantasy filk songs, she cut two LP albums of original songs, performed on additional albums with the Dehorn Crew, and produced dozens of songs, both alone and collaborative for albums on every major filk label. She was elected to the Filk Hall Of Fame as one of the first inductees. She is now a professional writer; in addition to her two fan novels, she has out A Dirge for Sabis (part of the Sword of Knowledge trilogy) with C.J. Cherryh along with her most recent historical fiction novel For Love of Glory.

Fish is recently married and lives in Buckeye, AZ with her husband and a varying number of cats. Most of her time is spent writing and cat-chasing, but she still makes time for music and science-fiction conventions.


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