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Douglas Boren

Douglas Boren has lived a full and exciting life. A retired physician’s assistant, he has resided in Alaska, Florida, New York, New Mexico, and many places in between. Now an avid master scuba diver, he divides his time between the Caribbean and his home in North Carolina. His profound fondness for history stems from an understanding that it is so much more than just a series of dates and events; it is a living record of real people, their impact on those around them, and their role in the unfolding story of life.

Boren’s writings—informally titled the Alexander Family Chronicles—recount the exploits of the Alexanders through the generations. You can follow these remarkable men and women as they face unique challenges and overcome incredible odds in 1600s England, the Caribbean in the 1700s, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and so on, right on up to the present day. Patriot’s Point is Boren’s fourth novel.


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