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David Glenn

David Glenn was born in Wales, got his Royal Air Force pilot’s wings in 1942 and did 34 missions in “Lancasters.” From there he was seconded to the UK Foreign Office on Political Intelligence and remained in London for the duration of the war until he took his discharge and returned to civilian life. He immigrated to Canada and became a Canadian citizen in 1948. He also has an accounting degree, has been a professional musician, an actor, and a singer. He started writing in Prince Edward Island, where he was playing Matthew in the long-running musical version of Anne of Green Gables. Finding time on his hands, he put it to good use

In 1999 he won the Canadian Authors Short Fiction award for a story titled “Da Capo.” Since then he has won other awards and published a number of articles and stories. In addition, David has recorded almost 400 books onto tape for the handicapped. He was runner-up for the prestigious TORGI award in 2001, presented by the National Canadian Institute for the Blind.

Glenn is the author of the Sir Michael de Subermore novels, The Queen’s Sword and The Queen’s Jewels; fast-paced and intrigued- filled novels set in 1599 at the court of Queen Elizabeth. Sworn to defend the Queen, Michael finds himself embroiled in treacherous plots, and undercover investigations, some which lead to his own arrest. England’s most vigorous and colorful era is captured in this stirring tale of intrigue, treachery, and dedication to duty.

Glenn and his wife live outside Vancouver, British Columbia


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