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D. E. Stockman

David E. Stockman grew up exploring the woods and fields in Salem, Ohio. His fossil hunting, Boy Scouts, pet reptiles, and reading provided direction for a lifelong interest in history and science. Tales of adventure by writers like Edgar Rice Burroughs, Cervantes, and Frank Buck, led his imagination to lands and times far from his Midwest home. As an adult, the opportunity to travel enabled him finally to reach new cultures and explore the relics of ancient empires in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, adding layers of experiences to his life.

As a young man, David served overseas as a translator for top secret Russian communications for the U.S. Air Force.  After he graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a degree in art, David turned to painting and the graphic arts. In and near Chicago, this profession carried him from publication printing of periodicals such as National Geographic and Playboy magazines, to book publishing for imprints of Simon & Schuster, Harcourt Brace & Co., and Pearson Education, and eventually to writing, first articles for an e-magazine and trade journals, and then novels.

He and his wife Valerie currently live in Lake Zurich, a suburb of Chicago, with children and grandchildren scattered around the Midwest.

ON WAVES OF GLORY – Book 3 of the Tween Sea and Shore series

Young naval cadet Guy must make a choice—please his love, Marie, or his father …

On Waves of Glory places the reader beside Count Guy de Kersaint, one of France’s greatest ship commanders during the mid-1700s, as he pursues a courtship for Marie on shore and learns the mariner’s lore at sea. Clashing in sea battles, surviving Chickasaw raids, and rescuing Barbary Coast slaves portray just a few of the dramatic exploits in his adventurous life.

Guy strives for elusive fame and an unrequited love…which will destiny grant?

This is the third book of the award-winning Tween Sea and Shore Series.

All are based on historical records of those “iron men” who sailed the fastest frigate of its day, la Renommée—the Renown.


CAPTAINS OF THE RENOWN – Book 2 of the Tween Sea and Shore series

Struggles on land, battles at sea, and contemptible decisions intersect.

Abraham, an English shipwright, and his wife Yvette confront childlessness and poverty in mid-1700s London until help comes from his old friend, Captain Shirley. Unspeakable acts change Shirley’s life and transform Abraham, after nearly costing him everything.

Off the coast of France, Captain Mackenzie sails the frigate Renown into action, but the politics of Lord Fortrose force him into an unbearable assignment. The Siege of Havana tests his skills, but will it vindicate him?

The characters’ morality and villainy collide. Will the final unexpected revelations save their futures?

Praise for Captains of the Renown

“With vivid attention to detail, a captivating plot, and richly-developed characters, Captains of the Renown is a must-read for historical fiction fans.” —Ian Nathaniel Cohen, author of The Brotherhood of the Black Flag


Congratulations to David for being a finalist in the Page Turner Awards for both ebook and writing categories!


Five-star book adventures in the mid-1700s begin now.

“…no mustache-twirling villains or simpering damsels in distress, no, these are real people, with real personalities and motivations.”GoodReads

In late summer 1742, shipwright Abraham Robinson leaves London to work at France’s great shipyard in Brest where his life changes dramatically. There he falls in love with Yvette, only to lose both his position and lover as war begins. Returning to England, the navy presses him to serve as a ship’s carpenter, tearing him from his plans. Great sea battles, dangerous escapes, and ravaging fires challenge Abraham and Yvette’s lives from London to the colonies of North America. Throughout, historical and fictional characters cross their paths to help and hinder, but not all survive to achieve their goals in this first book of the Tween Sea and Shore Series.

A free PDF Addendum to the book can be downloaded here that contains a character list, nautical glossary, ship diagrams, maps, and other information to make reading the book more enjoyable.

Praise for “The Ship’s Carpenter”

“I found the main character fully developed, sympathetic, and likable. Although there are few battle scenes, there is enough tension built into the story’s plot to keep a solid, fast-paced storyline. It’s an interesting and worthwhile read, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.” –Jeff Westerhoff, Historical Novel Society (See full review here.)

 a compelling work of historical fiction December 13, 2019
“The Ship’s Carpenter” is an exciting first entry in the ‘Tween Sea & Shore’ series of historical fiction about mid-eighteenth century naval warfare between England and France. Largely based on true events, with the actual ships involved and the people who crewed them forming the basis of the tale, author D. E. Stockman vividly focusses on the lives of a select group of characters who face the perilous turmoil of unsettled times. Reading about their various warship entanglements in the conflicting political waves between those nations’ struggles for dominance, I was fully engaged in a tangible ‘you-are-there’ literary experience. With believable period dialog and compelling personal stories throughout, Stockman’s deft handling of the battle scenes of ships at sea also left me breathless. I felt he included enough naval and seafaring jargon to convince me of authenticity without getting bogged down in unnecessary minutia. His informative online addendum at provides valuable additional details and illustrations of warships of the period, a glossary of naval terminology, a ‘cast of characters’, plus pertinent maps of world regions where the story unfolds. I am eagerly awaiting the next volume in the series.


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