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Alaric Bond

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Alaric Bond was born in Surrey, and now lives in Herstmonceux, East Sussex. Bond has been writing professionally for over twenty years with work covering broadcast comedy (commissioned to BBC Light Entertainment for 3 years), periodicals, children’s stories, television and the stage.

Bond now divides his time between writing and helping his wife run “Scolfe’s”, a traditional English Restaurant and Tea Rooms, housed in their 14th century Wealden Hall House home.

Other interests include the British Navy 1793-1815 and the RNVR during WW2. Bond regularly gives talks to groups and organizations and is a member of various historical societies. He is a keen collector of old or unusual musical instruments and 78 rpm records. Bond also enjoys sailing, classic cars, Jazz, swing and big-band music, and badgers.

Fireship Press is pleased to have the opportunity to publish “An Unlikely Sea Daddy,” an article on Bond’s influences and odyssey as a nautical fiction author. This article appears on our website by permission of CS Forester Society for whom the article was originally written.


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