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20,000 Kilos Under the Sea

Author: Richard Wickliffe
Pages: 394
Publication Date: 2022

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A modern retelling of Jules Verne’s high-seas adventure, with an exiled captain using an illicit submarine for smuggling, discovering riches, and revenge. When a US expedition is attacked, three survivors are saved by a mysterious vessel. The enigmatic Captain Nikto elects to keep the captives alive, requiring each of their skills for his daring pursuits. As Nikto’s true motives emerge –and evidence of a rogue submarine alerts the world’s navies– the captives must work together to avoid annihilation. A fast-paced adventure-thriller that's described as "The classic Disney adventure meets The Hunt for Red October
“A gripping adventure that merges thrills with meticulous research for a concept that’s more plausible than you would think.” —Nuclear Submariner John Jones (ret.) US Navy, US Submarine Force, STS1

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