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1777: The Year of Destiny

Author: Edward Cuddy
Pages: 226
Publication Date: 2023

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The audacity of a handful of New World colonies challenging an eighteenth-century superpower. The victories of the continental army and patriot militia in Saratoga, New York, in September and October 1777, shattered the perception of the English Crown’s military superiority. The capture of a British army persuaded France and Spain to ally with the Americans initiating a world war against the Empire. This is a story of those who fought. 1777: THE YEAR OF DESTINY parallels the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people and may serve as a reminder to the reader of the price of freedom.
“The author gives life to this complicated story through his characters, providing a glimpse of both the American and British perspectives. An excellent read for fans of American history.” —Charles F. Bowman, author of Confessions of an Enterprise Architect “Mr. Cuddy’s down-on-the-ground approach to relaying this largely overlooked time in American history is an enlightening read. Humanity is often lost in the machinations of war but in 1777: The Year of Destiny the specific world-changing efforts of the rebels against the Crown are put into the spotlight.” —Nick Johns, author of The Darkest Winter

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