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12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game

Author: Tom Wishon
Pages: 68
Publication Date: 2010

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How much do you really know about your golf clubs?

Did you know that:
* The lower the loft on your driver, the farther you’ll hit it?
* Your new driver has a larger “sweetspot?”
* You are playing a stiff shaft, because it says so on it.
* Women’s clubs are designed for women?
Fine, but the problem is... NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE

Tom Wishon, one of the leading golf club designers in the world, takes you through 12 myths that most golfers believe about their golf clubs.
“Most golfers are playing with clubs that will not—and can not possibly—meet their needs. They are designed from the factory to be wrong for their size strength and swing characteristics.”

Do you think:
* That longer drivers will hit the ball farther?
* The faster you swing, the stiffer your shaft should be?
* That your clubs are “just like the ones the pros use?”
* Find out WHY those things are not true!
* Now learn the things that they do NOT tell you in the golf club ads.

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